Collaborative research programme in decommissioning, immobilisation and storage solutions for nuclear waste inventories (DISTINCTIVE)

Annual Waste Management Conference (WM2016): Education & Opportunity in Waste Management
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The UK government has provided clear milestones regarding the needs of waste management and decommissioning, according to the authors of these proceeding. Most of these milestone rely on research and technical developments being delivered over the next 10–20 years. And the DISTINCTIVE (Decommissioning, Immobilisation and Storage Solutions for Nuclear Waste Inventories) consortium is carrying out research that addresses the broad area of nuclear waste and decommissioning, bringing together industry partners and academic researchers from 10 research-intensive universities in the UK. The research being carried out is multidisciplinary and covers both fundamental and applied topics, with research projects clustered in four major themes: advanced gas-cooled reactors; Magnox and exotic spent fuels; PuO2 and fuel residues; legacy ponds and silo wastes; and structural integrity.

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