CEM-12: Flexible Nuclear Campaign for Nuclear-Renewables Integration


The NICE Future initiative hosted a side event at CEM-12 about the Flexible Nuclear Campaign for Nuclear-Renewables Integration (FNC) This event is available on the on-demand section throughout the duration of the CEM, from 31 May to 06 June, 2021.

This event's discussion focuses on nuclear technology’s system flexibility benefits, presenting new applications that target hard-to-decarbonize sectors and enable re-use of existing infrastructure without emissions. This will include the opportunity to cost-competitively repower coal fleets to make them cleaner and more flexible than today, while expanding clean energy jobs. This event seeks to raise the profile of the FNC and shine a light on the transformative potential for nuclear energy to accelerate decarbonization and an equitable energy transition.

Watch trailer: https://youtu.be/Et2p2aOI24cFNC

The discussion includes the following renowned experts (in order of appearance):

Rich Powell (moderator), Executive Director of ClearPath
Maria Korsnick, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute
Rumina Velshi, President and CEO of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission
Shannon Bragg-Sitton, Lead, Integrated Energy Systems at the Idaho National Laboratory
Diana Musyoka, Environmental Scientist at Nuclear Power Energy Agency (NuPEA) from Kenya
Stephane Feutry, Senior Advisor for Operation at EDF
Staffan Qvist, Consultant at Qvist Consulting Limited
Zbigniew Kubacki, Advisor to the Minister at the Ministry of Climate of Poland
Eric Ingersoll, Co-Founder of TerraPraxis
Kirsty Gogan, Co-Founder of TerraPraxis
Lauren Lathem, Research Engineer at Southern Company
Carol Gregoris, Project Director for Darlington New Nuclear Project at Ontario Power Generation
Jessica Lovering, Co-Founder of the Good Energy Collective
Isabelle Boemeke, Nuclear Energy Influencer and Fashion Model

All NICE Future initiative webinar presentations are followed by question-and-answer sessions with webinar participants.
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