A new Nuclear Energy Agency report and the true costs of decarbonisation


Reducing emissions of the electric power sector is a major challenge that requires radical transformations with the deployment of low-emitting technologies such as nuclear, hydroelectricity, and variable renewable energy. A new report from the Nuclear Energy Agency describes how these deployments create system costs caused mainly by the intrinsic characteristics of variable generation of prominent low-emitting technologies. In this webinar, panelists discuss how the existing electricity market makes these transitions very challenging. In the webinar, they discuss NEA’s findings on the optimal mixes of clean technologies and key policies needed to transition the electricity grid to cleaner operation.


  • Sama Bilbao Y Leon, Head, Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics, Nuclear Energy Agency


  • Jan-Horst Keppler, Senior Economic Advisor Division of Nuclear Technology and Economics, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency
  • Marco Cometto, Energy Economist, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Peter Fraser, Head of the Gas, Coal and Power Markets Division, International Energy Agency
  • King Lee, Director Harmony Programme, World Nuclear Association
  • Brent Dixon, Lead Systems Analyst, Idaho National Laboratory

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