Integration of intermittent renewables and nuclear for a low carbon society: MIT-Japan Joint Study

In this webinar, academic experts from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology discuss their recently released joint study on the challenges and opportunities facing nuclear energy. In the study, The Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World, the authors consider ways to decarbonize electricity with minimum social costs and how to manage a demand-supply mismatch without depending on fossil fuels as backup generation. They also consider the required nuclear technologies and institutional arrangements needed in such a proposed future.

Webinar participants learn about the authors’ perspectives on the future of nuclear energy in a carbon-constrained world, where intermittent renewable energy comprises an increasing amount of electrical grid capacity.

Akira Omoto
Akira Omoto
Specially Appointed Professor, School of Environment and Society
Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Advisor, Nuclear Risk Research Center, CRIEPI
  • Commissioner, Atomic Energy Commission of Japan
  • Project Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering and Management, University of Tokyo
  • Director of the Division of Nuclear Power of the IAEA
  • General Manager of the Department of Nuclear Engineering of the Tokyo Electric Power Company
Charles Forsberg
Charles Forsberg
Principal Research Scientist
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
  • Director and principal investigator of the High-Temperature Salt-Cooled Reactor Project that includes MIT, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Wisconsin and the University of New Mexico.
  • University Lead for the Idaho National Laboratory Institute for Nuclear Energy and Science (INEST) Hybrid Energy Systems program other programs on nuclear-renewables integration.

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