Events—Where the conversation is happening

Events represent one of the primary ways in which we help bring nuclear into the clean energy conversation. Contact us to learn how to participate at an upcoming event, or to partner with the NICE Future initiative on other events.

The NICE Future initiative at recent events

five attendees of COP 24 sitting in front of tables in front of a COP 24 bannerNuclear Focused Side Events at CEM10: The Tenth Clean Energy Ministerial

27-29 May 2019 in Vancouver, Canada

Ministers from more than 25 countries gathered in Vancouver, Canada, to accelerate progress towards a clean energy future. The NICE Future initiative sponsored two official side events to highlight the initiative’s first publication and the roles that dispatchable nuclear technology can play in clean energy systems. The initiative also co-sponsored a film screening on the roles that innovation and young professionals are playing in the nuclear industry. Learn more.

five attendees of COP 24 sitting in front of tables in front of a COP 24 bannerPanel Discussions at COP24: 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

2–15 December 2018 in Katowice, Poland

At COP 24 the NICE Future initiative led a diverse panel of leaders to discuss how emissions reductions could be accelerated by utilizing advanced nuclear technologies. Learn more.

a man and a woman attending IFNEC, sitting at a tablePanel Presentation at the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation (IFNEC) 2018 and the Millennial Nuclear Caucus (MNC) side event

13 November 2018 in Tokyo, Japan

The NICE Future initiative led panel discussions and hosted a side event for attendees to discuss and ask questions about the role of nuclear energy in clean energy systems. The side event, sponsored by the Millennial Nuclear Caucus, focused on engaging youth, workforce development and the next generation of nuclear engineers. Learn more.

Keynote Address at the Generation IV International Forum (GIF): 8th Edition of Atoms for the Future

16–17 October 2018 in Paris, France

The NICE Future initiative held a keynote address to the Generation IV International Forum (GIF). GIF has been a traditionally nuclear-focused forum for discussing advances in next-generation nuclear reactor designs. This keynote helped build a cross-sectoral dialogue about how nuclear energy can contribute to larger clean energy systems. Learn more.

four panelists behind a table and in front of a projected presentationLaunch of the NICE Future initiative at CEM9: The Ninth Annual Clean Energy Ministerial

23–24 March 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark

The NICE Future initiative was officially launched at the 9th Clean Energy Ministerial, where Canada, Japan and the United States led a discussion by ministers on the role that nuclear energy can play in future clean energy systems. Learn more.