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With assistance from the governments of Canada, Japan, and the United States, the NICE Future initiative offers free webinars on nuclear energy topics for any interested parties around the world.

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Youth in Clean Energy Series Part 2: Policy and Financial Lessons - Advancing Energy and Climate Goals with Low Carbon Energy Systems

In Part 2 of the Youth in Clean Energy series, presentations focused on assessing the costs of decarbonization, youth workforce development, and how innovative policy and financing can better support low carbon power systems.

Youth in Clean Energy Series Part 1: Roles for Nuclear Power in Low-Carbon Energy Systems to Achieve Just and Clean Energy Transitions

Speakers from around the world convened to discuss the role nuclear power can play in low-carbon energy systems. This event is part one in a two-part webinar series presented by NICE Future and the International Youth Nuclear Congress.

Women’s Clean Energy Wednesday: International Spotlight on Rwanda

C3E International is proud to partner with the U.S. government's Power Africa Initiative for this inaugural Women's Clean Energy Wednesday webinar.

Inform and Inspire the Next Generation Series: Part II

The Inform and Inspire the Next Generation Series showcases educational activities that inspire the next generation to explore energy solutions, including nuclear energy technologies, for clean, reliable, resilient, and integrated systems.

International Atomic Energy Agency Scientific Forum 2020 - Live Interview with Kirsty Gogan

Kirsty Gogan, Co-founder of Energy for Humanity and Managing Director at LucidCatalyst, discusses the much needed transition to clean energy and the role played by nuclear.

Opening Plenary Session of the 11th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM11)

In this extraordinary year, the 11th annual Clean Energy Ministerial meeting (CEM11) was hosted virtually by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, livestreamed for the first time ever, and open to a global audience.

U.S. Spotlight on K-12 Nuclear Science Curriculum Initiatives and STEM Engagement

This webinar presents new ways experts are growing the next generation of young minds with innovative approaches to STEM education. Starting with a discussion of successful new programs in the U.S., the webinar will preview upcoming webinars in the series focusing on other countries.

Country Spotlight: Russia - Shaping the Clean Energy Future

The webinar presents the ongoing discussions in Russia on climate change and potential of nuclear power in shaping the clean energy future. Panelists discuss the 2050 low-carbon agenda and sustainable energy mix, carbon footprints and anthropogenic heat flows generated by energy consumption, challenges and opportunities of decarbonization in Russia. Panelists analyze the economic viability of nuclear power plants in the context of climate change and present a new data visualization tool for predictive analytics.

Nuclear Energy in Clean Energy Planning in Latin America

Learn about Latin America’s main nuclear energy programs, commercial opportunities, current and future challenges of their nuclear industries, key decision-maker approaches to addressing the requirements of stakeholders, and their commitment, at a regional level, to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

American Nuclear Society presents Spotlight on the National Labs: National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Learn about NREL's history and how the lab is leading the way in advancing clean energy technologies and their integration into the global energy system, including evaluation of multi-technology, multi-sectoral solutions with nuclear energy. NREL applies its expertise worldwide to scale up use of advanced renewable energy technologies for the power, transport, buildings, and industrial sectors and optimize overall energy system performance. They have extensive experience in adapting and applying energy solutions for countries and all regions throughout the world. Hear about the clean energy jobs of the future, energy transformations, and opportunities to engage internationally across various technologies and with multiple stakeholders.

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Nuclear reimagined and
meeting clean energy goals

In this webinar, learn why it matters that nuclear was included in the Clean Energy Ministerial.