NICE Future initiative webinars

With assistance from the governments of Canada, Japan, and the United States, the NICE Future initiative offers free webinars on nuclear energy topics for any interested parties around the world.

Webinars on YouTube

Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future?

Frequently heralded as the fuel of the future for the last few decades, hydrogen may finally be on the cusp of converting its vast potential to reality. In the lead up to the June 2020 Eleventh CEM meeting in Viña del Mar Chile, review the slides of a recent webinar to see how ministers and stakeholders plan to accelerate action to realize hydrogen’s potential.

Energy-Water Nexus: Can Nuclear Technologies Build Water Security?

Learn about the Water Security Grand Challenge and the ways that nuclear technologies can support water security.

Communicating the roles of nuclear energy in clean energy systems: Spotlight on young professionals and Africa

The webinar will explore the importance of sharing nuclear energy’s clean energy story. Attendees will learn from our colleagues from African countries how nuclear energy fits into their national clean energy systems and economic growth policy planning, now and in the future, and how millennials from Africa are sharing their stories.

An introduction to communicating the role of nuclear energy in clean energy systems for young professionals

A panel of young professionals working in nuclear and nuclear science related fields discuss how they share the story of innovative nuclear energy in their communities while providing ideas for others to get involved. We invite you to watch this webinar and consider sharing your story with the initiative.

A new Nuclear Energy Agency report and the true costs of decarbonisation

Panelists discuss how the existing electricity market makes certain energy transitions challenging and NEA’s findings on the optimal mixes of clean technologies and key policies needed for the transition.

Women and the NICE Future initiative: Building the gender-inclusive workforce of the future

Participants in this webinar discuss how the NICE Future initiative is collaborating within the Clean Energy Ministerial to foster a more diverse and gender-inclusive workforce in the nuclear sector globally.

The promise and potential of micro-reactors

Representatives of the U.S. Department of Energy lead a discussion with a panel of experts about the potential of innovative designs and the timeline to deployment of microreactors.

The 2018 World Energy Outlook report and the future of global nuclear power

Experts from the International Energy Agency share insights and findings from the World Energy Outlook 2018 report.

Generation IV reactor systems and renewable energy

Dr. Hideki Kamide discusses how advanced reactor technologies and renewable energy can work together in future clean energy systems.

Integration of intermittent renewables and nuclear for a low carbon society: MIT-Japan Joint Study

Academic experts from Japan and the United States discuss their recently released joint study on the challenges and opportunities facing nuclear energy. The study includes results about some of the challenges of the nuclear industry in a range of developed and developing countries.

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Nuclear reimagined and
meeting clean energy goals

In this webinar, learn why it matters that nuclear was included in the Clean Energy Ministerial.